ERI (Samjong KPMG Economic Research Institute)


ERI is Samjong KPMG’s “think-tank” with a mission to support our clients’ successful business by providing differentiated insights and knowledge.

ERI) is Samjong KPMG’s “think-tank”

Samjong KPMG Economic Research Institute (ERI) is Samjong KPMG’s “think-tank”. With leading information and knowledge on economy, industry, and business issues in international and domestic markets, it provides differentiated insights and contributes to a successful business for Korean enterprises. Moreover, it provides a wide variety of experiences and the collective knowledge of KPMG professionals from all over the world via KPMG’s global network, enabling support of global business through a comprehensive perspective.

Samjong KPMG ERI organized the team into five industry areas according to nature and characteristics: 1) Financial Services (FS), 2) Consumer Markets (CM), 3) Information, Communications & Entertainment (ICE), 4) Infrastructure, Government & Healthcare (IGF), and 5) Industrial Markets (IM). Based on the specific industrial classification, Samjong KPMG ERI performs research and publishes reports accordingly.


Research Reports

  • Samjong INSIGHT
  • Issue Monitor
  • Books
  • KPMG Global Thought Leadership 


Research Services

  • Knowledge Sharing Program
  • International Development Assistance Services
  • Macro Economic Environment Analysis
  • Demand/Supply Outlook
  • Preliminary Feasibility Study

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