Risk consulting

Risk consulting

Samjong KPMG’s Risk Consulting Team assists clients to achieve sustainable growth through establishment of Enterprise-wide risk management system.

With growing uncertainty in the business environment, the importance of risk management...

KPMG’s Risk Management Services identify and quantify risks relating to existing elements of business management to maximize profit and shareholder values by utilizing the firm’s capabilities - resources and internal control capacity. 

Business executives are inclined to focus more on risk elements related to performance assessment and neglect other risks until mishaps happen. As can be seen from failures of recent risk management in leading domestic and international firms, taking pre-emptive steps to prevent risks is much more cost-efficient than fixing the problems after they occur. Furthermore, a rapidly changing operational environment can give rise to new unforeseen risks that management could not have anticipated.

To overcome these problems, it is necessary ▷ to prioritize risks through risk identification and assessment to systematically arrange risks according to concerns of executive management and managers; ▷ second, to assign risk managers, reporting system, and monitoring methods according to prioritized risks in advance; ▷ third, to build a company-wide risk management system that reflects both the level of quality of risk management and performance result in KPI. 

Samjong KPMG operates based on its worldwide network, with teams of professionals in a variety of fields who provide a wealth of industrial knowledge and knowhow. This enables efficient risk management and successfully increases client corporate value. 

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