Investment Advisory

Investment Advisory

Samjong KPMG’s Investment Advisory offers insightful investment advisory services based on in-depth knowledge in the alternative investment market...

Samjong KPMG’s Investment Advisory offers insightful investment advisory services based...

Due to increasing uncertainty of the global economy and financial market conditions, domestic and international institutional investors are proactively seeking ways to diversify their assets and are developing segmented investment strategies. In addition, expansion of alternative investment market is leading to broadened boundaries of asset management firms and General Partners (“GP”). Our in-depth knowledge in the alternative investment market is one of many reasons that institutional investors, asset management firms and corporate investors seek our advisory services. Samjong KPMG is the first in the industry to have a division dedicated to providing investment advisory services, and we have successfully worked on numerous projects which enabled us to gain strong credibility and earn the trust of our clients. 


Private Equity (GP) advisory: Fund set up and fundraising

For successful fund set up for GP clients, we offer customized, holistically designed services for each type of fund (e.g. blind fund, special purpose private equity funds, corporate-affiliated funds), including developing fund strategies, preparing proposals, fundraising and Limited Partners (“LP”) approvals, and post fund set-up management. We endeavor to invest confidently and achieve a high success rate through careful coordination between the general and limited partners. 


Institutional investor (LP) advisory: Deal sourcing and investment consulting

We deliver solutions for LP clients who encounter diverse investment-related issues. We assist our clients achieve their investment goals by providing assistance in developing strategic fund management measures and fund selection processes, and managing distressed assets. In addition, we assist our clients in navigating the available investment options to make the decision which optimally matches their investment preference and market conditions. 


Corporate investor advisory: Matching supply and demand of capital market

With an extensive track record and broad investor network, we can match a diverse pool of investors with in-depth analysis of a wide spectrum of issues likely to arise during the course of funding. Through such advisory services, we work as bridge between an investor and investee companies to achieve their goals. For individual or corporate investors wishing to operate surplus funds, we offer family office set up assistance and fund management advisory services to maximize value.

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