Process Innovation Services

Process Innovation Services

Samjong KPMG Process Innovation Services expert team provides consulting service that enhances company performance through process innovation.

Samjong KPMG Process Innovation Services expert team provides consulting service...

Process Innovation Service provides consulting for the enhancement of corporate performances through process innovation for each industry and company. To ensure sustainable growth for client companies, Samjong KPMG’s experts coordinate with the KPMG Global Network. Samjong KPMG creates optimal knowledge-based service by developing and implementing a professional system for each service/area and expertise for each industry.



We create an innovative model specializing in financial work based on an understanding of the industry and support to ensure the successful outcome of companies’ Transformation efforts. Samjong KPMG PI team provides optimal experience and know-how based on advanced Process Innovation methodology and Global Best Practice for the attainment of the companies’ innovation vision.


Sales/marketing innovation

We establish sales and marketing operational process and system for the effective implementation of various business models of B2C, B2B and support the design of pioneering marketing program operations. Also, we support the process and task design for strengthening customer experience and service capabilities and support Front-End organization design and CRM system buildup for a customer-centered organizational management. We propose Thought Leadership on the Digital and Omni channel marketing which is recently popular and provides service for effective solution adoption and infrastructure buildup.


Supply Chain innovation

Samjong KPMG supply chain innovation expert team proposes Supply Chain Optimization strategy for the manufacturing and distribution companies’ efficient response to markets and provides SCM organization, process, system buildup consulting service for effective operations. Especially in response to increased supply chain complexity and risk from expansion of global production and sales points, the team provides optimization of material operations in consideration of global market fluctuations and risk management solution.


Purchase innovation

We establish purchase strategy for companies’ direct and indirect items, advise on supplier management and operations optimized from the aspect of Technology/Quality/Cost/Delivery, advise on improvement of material procurement, advise on e-Procurement and SRM system establishment and advise on Compliance & Risk management plan based on purchase Data Analytics. Also, we advise on spending cuts of purchase through Strategic Sourcing implementation and establishment of cost cutting implementation plans regarding large-scale CAPEX (capital expenditure) investment.


Distribution innovation

We set global distribution network strategy, design distribution organization and center, propose detailed operations process, provide consulting service for buildup of WMS (Warehouse Management System), and TMS (Transportation Management System) and propose specific cost cutting plans by analyzing current distribution cost. We contribute to clients’ e-Commerce system establishment by providing distribution infrastructure buildup service for strategy implementation of the recently popular Omni-Channel. 


Manufacturing innovation

We eliminate unnecessary waste factors within the business site through manufacturing integrated innovation, adopt innovative technology to enable productivity enhancement and cost saving, and thus advise on innovating the profit structure. Buildup and implementation of advanced quality system for each step helps establish an integrated production system which enables rapid delivery of products of consistent quality and contributes to reinforcement of global manufacturing competitiveness. (T/Q/C/D)

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