IT Advisory Services

IT Advisory Services

We provide systemized professional service to support the companies to be leading innovation and to effectively operate their businesses.

we provide systemized professional service to support the companies to be leading...

Accompanied by our KPMG professionals worldwide and our global network, we are able to provide service of consistent quality across 155 countries. With our experiences and broad know-how, Samjong KPMG professional teams support our client’s success and sustainable growth. 


Information Strategy Planning (ISP)

As the effect of IT on business has become greater, so has the significance of IT strategy planning on supporting enterprise strategy. Our IT strategy (Information Strategy Planning, “ISP”) service provides insights on future enterprise led by new technology, and support the optimized architecture of application, data and Infra-Architecture. It also provides advisory on IT organization, human resources and an innovative operation model for the system. 


Project Management Office (PMO)

When carrying out a long-term or large-scale IT system implementation project, we provide systemized management service to manage changes in process and technical requirements from risk and issue management perspectives. Concurrently, we provide service to comprehensively manage overall components of the on-going project, such as timetable, quality, technology, human resources, communication method and etc. 


Post Merger Integration (PMI)

Following Merge and Acquisition (M&A), IT integration is an extremely important process to generate enterprise synergy and also for the settlement of organizational practice. KPMG performs information system environment analysis on the targeted companies, starting from IT due diligence. Thereafter, we support smooth IT integration of the companies by providing advisory on IT PMI strategy planning and project management of IT integrated system implementation.


IT Operations Strategy / ITO Strategy

Presently, IT Operations Strategy of enterprises face a multitude of challenges. Constant increase in operational expenses following massive IT system adoption and operation, dissatisfaction of user departments on IT service, reduced credibility due to system errors, increasing demands of supervisory institutions, and constant changes in legal requirements are some of the immediate problems that the IT function of enterprises must solve. KPMG examines the as-is IT operation of our clients and establish methods of improvement for efficient operations. We also perform diagnosis on the current operations, advise on IT operation architecture and technology for cost reduction, provide compliance service in preparation to satisfy requirements of supervisory institutions and advise on the overall IT operational strategy.  


System Implementation Review

Companies invest vast amounts of capital into IT implementation projects which are aligned with their company values to accomplish their vision. CIOs and CEOs are also highly interested in the success of IT implementation projects. KPMG Review Service (Project risk Management) contributes to minimizing the possibility of project failure by independently examining the risks that are present in ongoing IT implementation projects. Through our advisory efforts, the management team will be able to lead the project to success by providing the necessary direction to its members.


IFRS System Implementation

The adoption of International Financial Reporting System (IFRS) was followed by the increased complexity in accounting and higher demands for reform of financial products’ standards. To replace IAS 39, IFRS9 was enacted, which Korea is obligated to apply starting in 2018. This will impact not only the accounting system of financial companies, but also the loan system, capital market system, and assessment system, etc. KPMG provides comprehensive service for effectively improving the as-is systems, establishing risk-minimizing implementation strategy, project management, system construction and etc. that are necessary for application of IFRS9. 


System Implementation Examination

All enterprise activities are performed based on the IT system. Numerous system implementation projects are being done in order to meet the requirements of the market. However, not much is done to systematically manage and assess them. PIR service establishes post-project management system including independent assessment to determine the level of project success, validity verification for implemented system, etc.

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