Corporate Finance/Valuation

Corporate Finance/Valuation

KPMG Valuation Services division provides professional and objective advice to clients with our extensive knowledge of the M&A market.

KPMG Valuation Services division provides professional and objective advice to clients...

Our global network comprises more than 1,200 professionals in 50 countries who have extensive experience in diverse fields and in-depth understanding of regulatory and market environments. 


Recently, there has been a growing need for professional valuation services for strategic business purposes, including M&A transactions, corporate governance restructuring, intra-company transactions for reorganization, responding to relevant regulatory authorities, and financial reporting. KPMG’s Valuation Services division has the industry insight and advisory skills to be responsive to our clients’ needs.


Transaction Assistance

KPMG Valuation Services division provides the following services: pricing analysis to assist decision-making and price negotiation during investment/exit process; independent valuation advice to shareholders and board of directors; and fairness opinions as required by regulatory authorities.   


Financial Reporting

Our services for financial reporting include: fair valuation of assets in accordance with IFRS, purchase price allocation, and impairment testing of goodwill.


Valuation for litigation and tax issues 

We deliver non-listed stock valuation services to assist clients in litigation or arbitration procedures as well as asset valuation for tax planning. 

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