Financial Management Services

Financial Management Services

Financial Management Service team utilizes its outstanding expertise and abundant industry experience and know-how to provide financial...

Financial Management Service team utilizes its outstanding expertise and abundant...

Financial Management Services focuses on the finance/performance management among the company’s business management activities.

Based on KPMG experts around the world and a global network, providing service of consistent quality is possible in 155 countries worldwide. Samjong KPMG is exerting endless efforts in enabling its clients be in the lead in this transformative period.  


Business Management

In order for the company to swiftly make reasonable decisions, it must perform a thorough analysis of the current status and past results and based on this analysis produce strategic insight on the future of business. KPMG’s business management consulting is a service to support the C-level financial decision making process. Mainly focusing on profitability management (management accounting), KPMG diagnoses management plans, cost management, fund management, future profit simulation, BI (Business Intelligence), EIS (Executive Information System), financial institution Asset Liability Management (ALM), provides transformation plans and lastly provides service that designs and constructs specific solutions for the plan implementation. 


Performance management

Performance management is a core function of the CEO relevant to achieving the corporate performance goals by setting and implementing a suitable strategy. The CEO, in order to effectively implement the short-term strategies for realizing the long-term vision shared throughout the corporation, should continuously monitor and provide specific feedback. The CEO also assumes the responsibility of leading coordinated actions through active communications among the members of the entire organization. We support the successful creation of corporate value by providing a service of establishing such processes - drawing KPI (Key Performance Index), designing performance management system, setting evaluation measures and building relevant systems.  


Financial infrastructure

A leading service of building financial infrastructure is efficiently designing and constructing a finance system that is fundamental to the analysis of financial information. For instance, the Interface Hub project involves designing and building a leading product, a Hub which collects transaction data from the sales system, converts (journalizing) transaction data into financial data according to corporate financial standards and provides this financial data to the system where the data are needed. This helps establish consistency of corporate financial data and provides advice on building a flexible structure enabling the sales system to focus on its role of transaction processing. KPMG provides services on design of operating accounting systems, diagnosis and process innovation for Quality Closing and design and building of Financial ERP systems.


Global business management

The Global business management team comprised of experts, who are ready to meet the demands of global business expansion of Korean companies, establish a global business management system based on companies’ global business expansion and systematic global network management, consolidated financial system for creating synergy between these networks and referencing the Global Key Index. Also, the team supports creation of corporate success value through advising on the buildup of IT systems for various functions such as Sales, Marketing, Procurement, Supply Chain and HR. An intimate system of cooperation with the KPMG Global Services built for this purpose provides a wide innovative service spectrum and global experts indispensable to the clients’ Global Business Transformation journey. 



There is an unprecedented level of importance in the timeliness and consistency of the companies’ consolidated financial data to swiftly take action corresponding to the adoption of IFRS, revision of external audit rule(s), expansion of global operations and changes in the business and accounting conditions. KPMG secures the accuracy and speed of the financial statements consolidation and provides systematic integrated advisory service to satisfy the complete needs of the CFO centered settlement group whose purpose is to reinforce financial data transparency through efficient overseas subsidiary management.


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