Real Estate

Real Estate

Samjong KPMG’s Real Estate division provides comprehensive service for all your real estate needs based on our outstanding track record...

Samjong KPMG’s Real Estate division provides comprehensive service...

Our team of highly experienced, forward-looking professionals are integrated specialists including certified public accountants, appraisers, consultants, golf industry professionals and lawyers who are committed to providing unmatched advisory service performance to meet our clients’ needs in today’s rapidly changing real estate market.    


Based on extensive, deep knowledge and expertise, our team is dedicated to providing comprehensive service covering all areas of real estate advisory services including buying/selling real estate properties, feasibility studies, corporate real estate portfolio management, financing and golf course consulting. We can help you navigate and assess opportunities and gain competitive advantage by adding value to your business.


Buying and selling real estate properties

We provide comprehensive advisory services on real estate transactions including buying and selling of real estate properties and real estate non-performing loans (NPL) and M&A transactions of companies with excessive properties. We also provide the following services to assist clients meet their needs.   

  • Identify fair transaction value through cash flow analysis
  • Prepare optimal information memorandum (IM) for marketing activities targeting prospective investors
  • Perform full range of value-based marketing towards strong prospective investors such as corporate clients and real estate financial institutions
  • Support negotiations to realize competitive contractual terms and conditions and contract execution


Feasibility study review

Samjong KPMG’s Real Estate division assists our clients with overall market research and review of revenue/expense projections, optimal financial structures and business improvement measures for real estate projects. 


Corporate real estate consulting

We assist our clients to approach diverse issues pertaining to real estate from a multi-dimensional perspective by assisting in developing optimal measures and strategies to utilize their real estate properties and develop business plans for real estate development project so that they can maximize corporate value.   



Based on the meticulous inspection of a contemplated real estate project, we assist our clients with developing an information memorandum (IM) for financing purposes, marketing and negotiations with prospective investors. 


Golf course services

Our wide ranging services covering golf courses are based upon in-depth understanding of the golf course industry, and our teams comprise industry specialists who are committed to helping our clients with improving operational efficiency, providing consultation in restructuring and selling/buying of golf courses. 


Securitized, structured finance advisory (ABS, REITs, REF services)

We assist our clients with establishing real estate funds and real estate investment trusts (REITs).  For clients acquiring overseas properties, KPMG’s international network can play a vital role in providing the right financial and tax advice.



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