Corporate Finance/Deal

Corporate Finance/Deal

KPMG Corporate Finance practice supports the continuous growth of clients with in-depth industry knowledge and extensive experience in providing...

KPMG Corporate Finance practice supports the continuous growth of clients with in-depth...

As one of the world’s leading providers of M&A advisory services, KPMG Corporate Finance professionals assist clients in obtaining their strategic and transactional goals.  


The combination of our global network of more than 2,200 professionals in 62 countries across the globe, industry knowledge, and experience in successfully closing transactions places KPMG Corporate Finance as a market leader. 


M&A Advisory (Deal)

M&A is an effective strategy for companies to reduce management risks and ensure their continued growth. KPMG has proven capabilities in business analysis and managing successful deal-closing. From strategic analysis to buying or selling businesses, valuing businesses, concluding agreements, and successfully merging and integrating businesses, KPMG CF provides comprehensive advisory services throughout each phase of an M&A transaction. 


Joint Venture

Aside from M&A, joint venture has become an important form of business activity for companies seeking to combine technologies and capital or reinforce technical capabilities without forgoing management rights. KPMG CF provides full support to assist those clients find suitable business partners for successful joint venture.   



Financing and funding strategies that reflect capital market conditions are essential in supporting sustained growth. Based on our industry expertise, experience, and wide network of funding institutions, KPMG assists our clients meet their strategic and operational needs. 



We focus on project risks and issues to provide our clients with professional, independent and an objective opinion on the risks/issues and provide solutions from an objective and independent point of view.

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