Management consulting

Management consulting

Samjong KPMG’s Management Consulting Team leverages its abundant professional experience and the KPMG global network to provide the best...

Samjong KPMG’s Management Consulting Team leverages its abundant professional...

Companies have increased demand for professional service in responding to changes in management conditions, achieving sustainable growth and innovating. Samjong KPMG’s Management Consulting Area leverages the KPMG Management Consulting Global network and Data Base to deliver the best professional service to meet the clients’ needs. Management Consulting provides the traditional services in strategy, process innovation, IT service and in addition the most updated services in Digital Transformation, Smart Factory, Data Analytics, in addition to new areas that have recently grabbed the attention of companies.


In Korea, the expert consultant provides services to clients across all industries such as finance, telecommunications, manufacturing, distribution and ICT. KPMG Management Consulting Service differentiates itself by delivering innovative and the most practical results concurrently to raise customer satisfaction. KPMG Management Consulting experts are also determined to become the client’s ideal partner in solving their issues according to KPMG’s Purpose to “build trust from clients and transform the world.”

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