International trade

International trade

We support our clients’ global competitiveness by providing comprehensive solutions to trade remedies and to product-specific (carbon) border adj.

We support our clients’ global competitiveness by providing comprehensive solutions to...

KPMG provides insights and solutions to secure price competitiveness of exporting companies in response to trade remedy investigations (i.e., anti-dumping, countervailing duties, and safeguards) and to the prevalence of protectionism. On the other hand, we also help injured domestic industry to overcome market disruption brought by foreign companies.


Trade Strategies & Process Innovation

As a global leader for consultation on international trade disputes, we provide advisory on matters ranging from go-to-market strategy of global companies, relocation of production sites, restructuring costs to Process Innovation(“PI”). By preferring ex-ante control to ex-post compliance, we provide creative and practicable strategies to solve the issues regarding price, country of origin, and market entry fundamentally. When necessary, we support risk monitoring through IT solutions, reorganization of overlapping trade functions, trade function process reengineering and capability enhancement.

  • Support data-driven evaluation of performance through securing reconciliation between related systems: import clearance system, e-HR, R&D system, procurement, MRP, MES, cost accounting, financial accounting, sales, CRM, claim processing, logistics, duty drawback, and EIS
  • Support pricing policies through restructuring manufacturing cost calculation by analyzing R&R and activities of each function unit, production processes, and cost drivers
  • Enhance profitability analysis tool by threading every single transaction data onto a value chain, following analyzing corporate activities and accounting system


Trade Monitoring System

Introducing RPA(Robot Process Automation) is becoming essential under the strict requirements for employment circumstances. We have provided a number of RPA systems crawling information which may affect companies’ international trade, e.g., legislation changes, practice changes, initiations of trade remedy investigations, investigating authorities’ determinations, decisions of tribunals, and WTO disputes. It enables corporate personnel to focus on higher level analysis and decision-making.

Utilizing data from the ERP system, we assess trade remedy risks by each combination between exporting country and importing country and assist in establishing countermeasures to mitigate the risks.

Data necessary to comply with trade remedy investigations are scattered in a huge list of ERP menus. Collecting these data comprehensively in a single screen or by a single button reduces errors in the process of trade remedy investigations and allows work to be done efficiently.

Compliance with Trade Remedy Investigations

We aid in corporate actions against foreign government’s AD(anti-dumping), CVD(subsidies and countervailing duties), and SG(safeguards) investigations and help companies to establish strategic plans. We develop rebuttal arguments against unreasonable/unlawful measures of the investigating authorities and assist in solving the problem through disputes and consultations at the national level.

Compliance with KTC Investigations

KTC, Korea Trade Commission, is Korean investigating authority. KPMG professionals, fluent in English, Chinese, French, and Portuguese, can help foreign companies to comply effectively with KTC investigations and to settle down in Korean market in a stable manner.

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