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KPMG Tax Data Hub is a tax compliance and litigation management solution which enables tax functions to proactively deal with the increasing need for digitalisation of tax. It helps organisations with centralisation of tax data and records, provides appropriate visibility and control on your tax compliances and tax litigations along with intuitive reports for better governance with user friendly search features (e.g. tax compliance, tax litigation, tax refunds.)

It also provides remote access to direct and indirect tax data and documents in an intuitive manner. KPMG Tax Data Hub enables your teams to be assessment ready especially under the new faceless assessment and appeals regime. The smart alerts feature ensures that the entire tax team has the visibility over upcoming deadlines and tax hearings and a lot more and being continuously upgraded with smart features to help clients in their digital tax governance journey. It also provides automated notice download from income tax portal.

KPMG's tax compliance and litigation management tool is the starting point for digital transformation of your direct and indirect tax function.

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