GST/Customs Advisory services

  • Advice on all GST related matters including interpretation of provisions, classification, valuation, advance ruling, anti-profiteering, compliance methodology, representations, dispute resolution strategy, tax technology, etc.
  • Advice on customs related matters including classification, valuation, availing of benefits under concessional notifications and duty free schemes, dispute resolutions, etc.

The team of experts includes chartered accountants, MBAs, cost accountants, lawyers, ex-officials from India Revenue Services (IRS) with decades of in-depth industry and consulting experience supported by over 450 indirect tax professionals spread over 11 offices across India.

GST Digital Compliance assistance – KPMG GST Compliance Pilot (KGCP)

Goods and Services Tax (GST) is one the most important tax reforms of modern India, and has come into effect from 1 July 2017. GST has changed the landscape of tax compliance significantly, and requires customised technology to help ensure timely, complete and accurate reporting of transactions.

Business and finance heads require a robust methodology that would function on multiple devices and provide reports that can be customised to their respective organisational requirements.

The KPMG GST Compliance Pilot helps analyse and validate the pan-India data of an organisation, resolve mismatches and facilitate submission of returns effortlessly with the GST network. KGCP provides various business insights through dashboards and highlights abnormal trends. Our app/module has excellent and robustly tested security features to help safeguard valuable data and provide data backup support.

We use this tool to carry out pan-India GST compliances in a robust and methodical manner.

GSP services

KPMG GSP Solution platform and server works like a single secure data pipeline for GST compliance data transmission. The approach ensures data integrity and security using encryption and virtualisation techniques and transmits data directly to GSTN via a very high capacity pipeline with parallel redundancy.

Technology enabled GST Diagnostic review - KPMG Tax Intelligence Solution (TIS)

KPMG has developed a progressive analytical tool called ’Tax Intelligence Solution (TIS)’ to analyse a company’s entire database from a GST compliance perspective. This tool is used to evaluate the accuracy of the transaction data, identify exceptions, reconciliation with books of account and GST returns as well as performing GST audits.

Some of the key exception reports generated by TIS are as follows:

  • Outward supply transactions where no GST has been levied
  • Inward supply transactions where no GST credit was availed
  • Mismatch statements – Financial statements vs GST returns
  • Payment made to vendors beyond 180 days
  • State-wise, region-wise, customer-wise sales, purchase, etc.

There are almost 40 exception reports which can be generated through the above tool. This tool is used to effectively manage GST liabilities to determine risks, identify savings opportunities and gain transparency over GST compliance. This tool provides an integrated suite of GST analytical tools, methodologies and insights to identify reporting errors and rectification. The tool analyses all the transactions reported in the ERP system and presents the analysis in dashboards and exception reports.