KPMG in India brings to you a seventy-hour workshop on Indian Accounting Standards (Ind AS) to provide insights on the various accounting standards.

Learning objectives

  This course seeks to give participants:

  • A detailed understanding of the roadmap and Ind AS, with practical case studies and implementation challenges
  • Specific coverage of complex topics, such as financial instruments, business combinations, leases, revenue recognition and share based payment to name a few
  • Sector-specific practical insights including global practices and industry nuances
  • The differences, impacts and implications of the Ind AS/IFRS
  • An understanding of the potential impact on key ratios and key performance indicators, which need to be communicated to investors/stakeholders.

Key differentiators

  • Experienced faculty
  • Dedicated learning team
  • Trained more than 10000 participants, across many corporates
  • Coverage of ‘Ind AS implementation issues’
  • Conducted more than 150 workshops with 10000 participants as part of the Ind AS/IFRS series.

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Topics to be Covered


  • Ind AS 1: Presentation of financial statements
  • Ind AS 2: Inventories
  • Ind AS 41: Agriculture
  • Ind AS 8: Accounting policies, changes in accounting estimates and errors
  • Ind AS 10: Events after the reporting date
  • Ind AS 12: Income taxes
  • Ind AS 16: Property, plant and equipment
  • Ind AS 19: Employee benefits
  • Ind AS 20: Accounting for government grants and government assistance
  • Ind AS 21: The effects of changes in foreign exchange rates
  • Ind AS 23: Borrowing costs
  • Ind AS 24: Related party disclosures
  • Ind AS 27: Separate financial statements
  • Ind AS 28: Investments in associates and joint ventures
  • Ind AS 32: Financial instruments – presentation 
  • Ind AS 33: Earnings per share
  • Ind AS 34: Interim financial statements
  • Ind AS 36:  Impairment of assets
  • Ind AS 37: Provisions, contingent liabilities and contingent assets
  • Ind AS 38: Intangible assets 
  • Ind AS 40: Investment property
  • Ind AS 101: First time adoption of Ind AS
  • Ind AS 102: Share-based payment
  • Ind AS 103: Business combinations
  • Ind AS 105: Non-current assets held for sale and discontinued operations
  • Ind AS 106: Exploration for and evaluation of mineral resources
  • Ind AS 107: Financial instruments - disclosures
  • Ind AS 108: Operating segments
  • Ind AS 109: Financial instruments
  • Ind AS 110: Consolidated financial statements
  • Ind AS 111: Joint arrangements
  • Ind AS 112: Disclosure of interests in other entities
  • Ind AS 113: Fair value measurement
  • Ind AS 115: Revenue from contracts with customers
  • Ind AS 116: Leases

Who should attend?

  • CFOs, finance directors, finance managers, academicians, and researchers in Ind AS/IFRS
  • Finance controllers
  • Finance professionals of medium to large sized companies.

Programme details: Pedagogy

  • Interactive sessions with a thrust on practical examples and scenarios
  • Experienced professionals as instructors 
  • Complimentary access to KPMG in India’s Learning Management System and relevant material for a period of 6 months.

Registration, fee and certificate

INR30,000 plus tax


All participants will be awarded a personalised certificate of participation from KPMG in India.

Upcoming batches

Evening weekday batch commencing 12 October 2022

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Customised corporate workshop

We would be pleased to conduct specific in-house workshop for your organisation, if you have adequate number of participants.

For enquiries related to corporate training or group nominations, please reach out to:

Ankur Tandon


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