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Sustainable finance is growing in popularity as asset owners look for investments that provide a financial return and generate measurable benefits for the environment and society. This is leading to changes in the options available to corporate borrowers to raise capital – as well as in the way financial services distribute it. Sustainable finance rewards those who perform well on ESG factors, enables lenders to comply with regulations while offering new products and gives more options to borrowers.

Sustainable finance for borrowers and lenders: KPMG in India can support borrowers and lenders in evaluating the financing options which are optimally aligned to their strategic and sustainability priorities, and then help to execute them.

KPMG in India services suite in sustainable finance:

  • Regulatory-driven transformation: We can help the providers and recipients of finance to transform their operating models to comply with the upcoming wave of regulation. We can help them embed ESG into their business for strategic advantage. Our sustainable finance transformation services include:
    • ESG maturity assessment
    • ESG regulatory decomposition
    • ESG target operating model design and implementation
    • ESG learning to upskill your employees
    • ESG valuations and due diligence
  • ESG finance – Green, social and sustainability bonds, and green loans: We offer services ranging from an Issuer’s Bonds framework to an individual Bond issuance or Loan origination.
    • second party opinion: providing compliance and mapping established bond principles and guidelines
    • verification against a designated set of criteria, such as external standard or alignment of reporting with the published Bond Principles
    • certification covering an issuer's Bond or associated Bond framework, as well as the use of Proceeds against a recognised external green, social or sustainability standard.

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