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KPMG in India can help you develop an ESG strategy that supports your growth objectives while connecting the needs of your business with those of the environment, external stakeholders (e.g., institutional investors) and society. Our team of experts will work with you to: 

  • Understand the ESG landscape: ESG criteria, trends and influences that could impact your company and how you compare to direct competitors and leading ESG companies. This will help you decide what to focus on
  • Assess your ESG progress and goals: Know where you are on your ESG journey, and how to integrate ESG aspects into your corporate governance; assess your ESG maturity against industry standards and market best practices
  • Conduct a materiality assessment: Identify ESG risks and opportunities that are material to your business. Impact on customers, suppliers, lenders, and shareholders.
  • Develop an ESG strategy: With long-term value and competitive advantage by identifying strategic ESG solutions and platforms that enable you to take advantage of key opportunities and address priority risks
  • Adopt circular economy practices: Based on your operating models and performance metrics – eliminate waste and reduce costs throughout the product lifecycle and your entire supply chain in the spirit of a sustainable economy.

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