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Climate change requires immediate action. Committing to NetZero is only the first step: how to get there and meet the different demands of all stakeholders is another challenge. KPMG in India can help you demonstrate to your investors, regulators, and wider stakeholder groups that you understand the opportunities and risks of climate change. We also help you develop a strategic response that improves your resilience, strengthens your brand, and enables you to thrive in a changing world.

  • Climate risk: Supporting clients to identify and measure climate-related risks and opportunities, conduct scenario analysis, and prepare regulatory mandated reporting requirements.
  • Decarbonisation: Supporting clients on their decarbonisation journey by delivering on carbon reduction or NetZero targets, identifying levers for change, and demonstrating their resilience in the energy transition.
  • Transition planning for NetZero: Supporting clients to articulate their climate strategies and plans to the market via reporting, informing key stakeholders how they will mitigate risks and seize opportunities.
  • Nature and biodiversity: Supporting clients to integrate nature and biodiversity into enterprise risk management frameworks and corporate strategies, helping contribute to global climate and nature goals and targets and managing nature-related risks and opportunities across value chains.

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