Process and Risk Monitoring

We assist clients with various auditing and monitoring tools. Risk monitoring solutions help clients with self-assessment of Control Monitoring Framework to identify and evaluate specific process exceptions. KPMG Process & Risk Monitoring Solution is one such robust tool for governance transformation that provides management with the convenience of viewing the entire width and depth of a process. It allows the user to view the maturity of a process regarding the quantum of business, risk exposures, automation and digital coefficients, etc.

Process and Risk Information Management Engine

A solution for SOPs and documentations.

KPMG Contract Management and Extraction

Platform for contract governance and management including terms, clauses and sections with access control. Workflow based on contract management lifecycle from contract initiation, drafting, to approvals, amendments, compliance and renewal

Data Visualisations

KPMG in India’s data visualisation solution leverages intuitive dashboards to provide insight to the management around monitoring of internal controls, risk & performance, process governance and regulatory compliances on a near real time basis

Machine Learning

KPMG in India’s ML-based frameworks can be used to generate predictions across various business scenarios ranging from prediction in employee attrition, delay in invoice payments to demand forecasting, price prediction and personalized recommendations. Supported by a powerful user experience and Explainable AI, it generates actionable insights

Cognitive Assurance

KPMG in India’s Cognitive Assurance solution utilizes AI algorithms to help organizations automatically map the controls present in assurance reports against their affiliate’s internal control framework. With the ability to extract and retrieve information from PDFs and multi-lingual support in large volumes, it can be used to reduce compliance costs and turnaround time.

Solutions for Insights-driven Marketing

  • AI based tool to help identify real-time touch points based on target group and product
  • Cloud-based monitoring platform to monitor and report OOH sites/in-store branding
  • AI based eye to capture and analyze traffic impressions on real time basis. 

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