Robotics Process Automation

More than 40 industry specific BOTs with a tech enabled App store. Multiple BOTS to assist with automated system interactions and reporting for internal controls testing etc. for process & operational discipline. Integration capabilities with ERP and GRC applications. 100+ BOT library for risk-based solutions

Workflow automation solutions

Cloud-based solutions to automate core business processes in a low-code environment. Key use cases – delegation of authority, third party claims management, payout processing, claims validation etc.

Intelligent Chatbots For Digitizing SOPs

Digitizing documents such as standard operating procedures, accounting manuals, etc. Virtual assistant (ChatBots) for easy accessing and review of SOPs, DoAs, etc. Access restrictions to SOPs based on functional requirement

Analytics Using Big Data – Process Driven Analytics

Advanced analytics utilizing data points from business intelligence systems and leveraging predictive analytics to drive business process improvement 

Visualizations For CXO Reporting

Dynamic reporting of business performance and controls using BI tools - MS Power BI & Tableau through dashboards for : Board and Audit committees, Internal Audit functions, Business controlling functions, Compliance functions and other governance, functions for reporting Internal controls, risks, and reporting

D&A using CAAT (Computer aided audit tools)

Deliver dynamic audits with deeper & meaningful insights through advanced data analytics using Computer-Aided Audit Tools (CAAT), such as ACL, IDEA

D&A using Alteryx

Deliver complicated workflows, data analytics operations like cleansing, blending, prepping , visualizations and reporting using Alteryx . Enable clients to implement end-to-end solutions with scheduling and automated reporting features

Predictive Analysis, IOT and Blockchain

Prediction based on statistical models to assist with actionable and informed decisions. Machine learning (ML) enabled approach.

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