Innovation is at the heart of everything we do at KPMG in India. Our unique innovation architecture enables us to apply innovation and carry it out end to end – that’s where the role of delivery centres becomes crucial. We develop and scale innovation through our extensive network of delivery centres that cater to worldwide locations.

Our talented pool of professionals, extensive knowledge of sectors and industries, new technologies help usher you through the final step of your transformation journey. We assist our clients by applying intelligence, deep industry and functional expertize to drive business value and operational resiliency.

Our Objectives

  • Transforming risk solutions - addressing emerging risks in client businesses
  • Enhancing customer experience - enabler to improve delivery experience
  • Engaging with the best talent - enabler to achieve delivery excellence
  • Optimizing internal delivery - modernizing delivery through technology.

Focus Areas

  • Tech enablement and data analytics
  • Intelligent automation
  • Delivery excellence and agility
  • Innovation and new solution development
  • Workforce upskilling
  • Specific areas such as RegTech, Risk Analytics, Process Intelligence, etc.

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