In today’s day and age, businesses are vulnerable to the risk of frauds and corruption. Indian businesses’ still consider the liability arising from fraud as the cost of doing business, rather than considering it a strategic and reputational business risk that needs to be proactively mitigated. A quick response to suspicions of fraud or misconduct is critical, but rarely easy.

Forensic professionals at KPMG in India have the relevant knowledge and skills to competently conduct a timely, objective, and cost-effective investigation. We work closely with clients to understand their objectives, customise the investigation plan to their needs and use effective resources. Our team comprises of over 900 dedicated professionals from varied backgrounds having exhaustive sector-specific knowledge of fraud risks and potential fraud indictors.

We have investigated over 5000 fraud, misconduct and non-compliance cases ranging from unveiling simple frauds to complex multi-layer, multi-party, multi-location frauds causing significant financial, operational and reputational losses to organisations. Through detailed inquiries and reviews, including the use of forensic data analytic techniques, we assist clients to establish the quantum of fraud, identify the entities/individuals involved in perpetrating the fraud as well as the modus operandi, adopt appropriate remedial actions, submit restatements and report findings to regulators and auditors. Our advanced forensic technology lab helps us gather this information efficiently and effectively, facilitating analysis to indicate any red flags and presenting it in a legally approved format. Wherever relevant, our investigations are aided by covert field operations that attempt to gather intelligence from various market sources.

The nature of client engagements led by KPMG, inter alia, include cases around employee and senior management frauds, corruption, siphoning of funds, regulatory non-compliances, financial statement frauds, anti-trust investigations, asset tracking and background checks.

Our approach for fraud detection and prevention is customised keeping in mind the client’s operations and sensitivity of information involved. We leverage our key strengths viz., exposure to global frauds scenarios, leading practices in forensic investigations and qualified professionals with multi-domain experience to consistently deliver high-quality results by leveraging KPMG’s investigation methodology.

Webinar on Increased risk of frauds and scams during COVID-19, 27 May 2020