In a rapidly transforming world of work, organisations need to continuously evolve and adapt to the changing market dynamics for them to grow, transform and thrive. A key differentiator in driving exceptional business performance is to continuously re-shape and transform the workforce of the future.

Today’s HR function also has the potential to enable a profound transformation, challenged as never before to convert the potential of an organization’s people into financial performance and market value.

KPMG in India’s People & Change team can help you unlock this potential and navigate transformational change across functions to drive superior levels of performance. The team can help you to develop strategies, structures, systems, processes as well as building capabilities to attract, develop, motivate and retain people to deliver on the strategic goals of your organisation.

Our solutions

As the world ushers in the digital world, it is imperative for organisations to think critically about how to evolve their workforce for the future. We can support you with redefining your purpose, culture, workplace strategy and with reshaping your workforce for better alignment with business goals.

  • Reshaped workforce (RWF)
  • Redesigned workplace (RWP)
  • Digitally enabled learning (DEL)
  • Digitally enabled HR (DEHR)
  • Agile organisation and culture (AOC).

Creating an efficient workforce structure is critical to execute the organisation’s strategic intent. We can support you with the design and implementation of structure, processes and supporting infrastructure, including governance, capabilities, systems, and values to enable you to achieve and sustain your organisational strategy and vision.

  • Organisation structure diagnostics and design
  • Zero-based workforce and workplace transformation (includes employee cost optimisation, future of work)
  • Strategic workforce shaping
  • Workforce segmentation
  • Role definitions and KPI design
  • Organisational effectiveness and future readiness.

Developing the right talent strategy for an organisation depends on a deep understanding of their unique needs and challenges. We can support you with developing talent strategy to enable you to identify, develop, engage, and retain talent which aligns to the current and future needs of your business.

  • Talent strategy
  • Talent risk assessment
  • Competency modelling and mapping
  • Assessment centers
  • Succession planning and career management
  • Capability development
  • Leadership development
  • Employee experience.

Intelligent analytics provides critical workforce insights you need to understand your workforce better. We can support you with the intelligence and insights to enable you to make enhancements to your human capital capacity at cost structures which aligns your organisation’s strategic needs.

  • Workforce Analytics
  • Total Rewards
    • Compensation structuring
    • Compensation and benefits benchmarking
    • Job evaluation and job grade structure design
    • Short term and long-term incentive plan design

To navigate an ever-changing world of work, it is imperative for organisations to build a future-ready HR function which can drive exceptional people performance. We can help you transform your HR function to one which is data-driven and emboldened by technology enabling you to be centric and enhance overall organisation productivity.

  • HR operating model
  • HR strategy and performance assessment
  • HR audit
  • HR service delivery model design
  • HR capability building
  • HR policies and process design
  • HR technology implementation support.

For any transformation programme, issues including inconsistent messaging, conflicting ideas and an unwillingness to change can act as an impediment to success. We can help you to realise the benefits of the transformation programme through a holistic, data-driven, proactive and structured change management approach that addresses talent risks and enables people to be ready, willing and able to accept the change.

  • Business case and visioning for change
  • Change readiness assessment
  • Change communication strategy and execution
  • Culture transformation.

In an age when business models are marked by expansion and disruption, mergers and acquisitions (M&A) have become central to the strategies of most global companies. We can support with harmonisation and integration support covering people, process, policy, and structure imperatives.

  • HR due diligence
  • Integration management
  • Culture integration
  • Divestiture support
  • HR harmonisation in acquisitions.

Our Differentiators

  • Zero Based workforce and workplace transformation
  • Virtual talent Lab
  • Culture analytics
  • Director’s chair

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