Please contact us for a meeting to discuss your areas of focus and hear how we can assist you in realizing your growth ambitions. 

Strategic growth analysis (using KPMG's Growth Readiness Index)
KPMG's international network has developed a digital tool to measure companies' growth readiness and opportunities. We offer to carry out the strategic assessment and subsequently go through the results with you in a meeting, and discuss how we can assist you in your growth ambitious. The meeting and assessment is free of charge and non-binding and is offered to relevant companies, no matter if you are a client with KPMG or not. 

To book a Growth Readiness Assessment and a follow-up meeting with our growth experts, please contact the persons below. 

International growth and expansion
KPMG has more than 200,000 advisors in 156 countries, which guarantees that your company has access to the resources and information no matter where you are planning your expansion strategy. Our local experts contribute to KPMG's global expertise and assist you in understanding the specific risks that you face and advise you on how to minimize these risks to prepare you for the international activities that you want. Your contact person at KPMG Denmark will act as a direct and efficient way into KPMG's international network. Naturally, we are particularly strong in our neighbouring markets and have a specialist group dedicated to the Swedish conditions for projects in the Oresund region. 

To a book a meeting concerning your international expansion with our growth experts, please contact:

Morten Høgh-Petersen in Eastern Denmark (Sjælland):       

Steffen Hansen in Western Denmark (Jylland, Fyn):