Your business may experience a shortage of personnel in the central accounting functions due to prolonged absence, parental leave, or simply from unusually high business activity. Furthermore, most businesses will go through periods of time, where they temporarily need to increase the resources in the accounting function, perhaps in relation to an upcoming merger or carve-out.

No matter the cause, KPMG Interim Services' professionals are ready to assist you with your staffing shortage, ensuring that your finance function remains uncompromised and operational. We can help you cover a range of roles, such as business controllers, bookkeepers, chief accountants, and modelling experts. 

We cooperate with all kinds of businesses – and we have more than 200 years of experience
We serve both small, medium, and large businesses domestically and internationally. No matter the engagement, it is our prime concern that we match you with the right interim consultants, allowing you to optimise your finance departments. Our consultants will enter your business on equal terms with your permanent employees and will quickly take ownership of their new roles and tasks, just as you would expect from your own hires.

Between them, our professionals have more than 200 years of experience with interim appointments, and you can trust that they will fulfil the assigned role in close collaboration with your management team. 

Interim roles

We provide interim assistance to all levels of your organisation. Below, you will find examples of the roles we fulfil: 

Chief accountant
A member of our senior staff will be able to take on the daily management of your finance department. We have a range of profiles available, depending on your area of business, and will gladly find experts that fit within your business, both at a professional and personal level.
Financial controller
We can help you with forecasting, budgeting, and reporting, while conducting analysis and handling risk management processes towards monthly closure of accounts.
Finance manager / business partner
We can assist you with financial control and reporting, maintenance of your account plan, and data validation.
Bookkeeping and reporting
We can support you with your credit and debit receipts, master data, periodisation, and VAT, along with payments and reporting to the Danish tax authorities and Statistics Denmark, such as monthly, quarterly, biannual, and yearly reports. .
Excel / modelling professionals
We can help you with the development and updating of operational Excel-models, for example consolidation, data and control models.
Reporting assistance
In collaboration with you, we can develop dynamic reports at all management levels, employing the correct controls and data structure.

Insourcing and outsourcing

Beyond covering specific roles for shorter or longer periods, we can also manage specific functions or projects in their entirety. Perhaps you are implementing a new ERP system, optimizing your business processes or internal controls. Perhaps you are seeking to outsource your finance function partly or entirely. In both cases, KPMG will be able to offer you a tailored and flexible solution.

We are experienced with most recognised finance systems and can integrate quickly and effortlessly with your setup, even if you only require our assistance for a limited time. You will only be invoiced for the time spent on completing the agreed-upon engagement, which means that we provide you with a flexible service that gives you access to relevant personnel only when the need arises. This minimises the cost of inefficient time usage you would otherwise incur by hiring a full-time employee for a role that only requires infrequent work. This frees up your resources, allowing you to focus on what matters most: Running and expanding your business.

Are you in need of professional resources at short notice, or are you looking for specific competencies?

Please schedule a meeting with Lisbeth Frederiksen as soon as possible. We are eager to learn about your needs and propose the next steps towards fulfilling your business requirements.