KPMG Interim Services offers interim management, which is a help and service for your business when there is an urgent need to cover key positions for a shorter or longer period of time, such as business controllers, bookkeepers, accounting managers and modelling experts.

Interim Services safeguards your business against the loss of valuable labour if unforeseen situations suddenly arise, such as a lack of resources in central accounting functions or a need to temporarily increase resources in the accounting function in connection with one-off events such as mergers or restructuring.

Interim Services enables your business to be flexible and able to adapt quickly. Our consultants can take on many tasks with a focus on solutions, implementation and maintenance of new initiatives. Interim Services does not only need to be used for urgent needs and temporary hires. We also offer outsourcing of permanent tasks that your organisation doesn't want to handle, such as payroll and other finance functions, so your business can focus on your core services.

We work with all types of organisations - and we have more than 200 years of experience

We serve small, medium-sized and large Danish and international organisations. Regardless of the assignment, our top priority is always to match your organisation with the right interim consultants to take the daily workflows in your finance department to the next level. Our consultants will join your organisation on an equal footing with your employees and will quickly take ownership of their new role and responsibilities, just as you would expect from your own employees.

Our consultants have many years of experience in interim assistance, and you can trust them to handle the task at hand in close collaboration with the existing organisation. We have a wide range of competences within accounting, payroll, finance and project management. Read more about our interim roles below.


We also offer the option of taking over all or part of your company's financial administration. These can be fixed tasks that your company does not want to handle. For example, tasks that require specialised knowledge (expert knowledge) that cannot be handled by others in the company, as well as tasks that do not take up a full-time position. This includes payroll administration, bookkeeping, controlling, budgeting and liquidity, management reporting, annual accounts, VAT, other reports to the tax authorities and ad hoc tasks.

Maybe you need to change your ERP system, optimise your business processes or internal controls? Maybe you are considering outsourcing your finance function entirely? In either case, we can offer you flexible and appropriate solutions where we manage projects or functions for you throughout the desired period.

We work with most recognised financial systems and can quickly adapt to your setup, even if you only need our services for short periods of time. You will only be invoiced for the time spent on the agreed task, giving you a flexible solution where you have access to relevant staff during the periods when your needs are greatest. This allows you to reduce costs associated with wasted time that would be incurred by hiring a full-time employee for a role that only requires sporadic work. With our help, you can free up resources for what matters most: running and growing your business.

Interim roles

We provide interim assistance to all employee and management levels in your organisation. Below you will find a number of examples of roles we can fulfil for you.

Chief accountant
If necessary, one of our experienced consultants can take over the day-to-day management of your finance function. We will be happy to find an expert who fits your business and organisation, both on a professional and personal level.
Financial controller
We can assist with forecasting, budgeting and reporting for month-end closing, while analysing and control processes for risk management.
Finance manager / business partner
We can help with general financial management, accounting reporting, chart of accounts maintenance and data validation.
We can help with creditor and debtor vouchers, master data, travel expenses, provisions, accruals and VAT as well as various settlements to SKAT and reports to Danmarks Statistik, in addition to monthly, quarterly, biannual and annual financial reports.
Modelling and analytics experts
We can help you develop or update Excel models, such as consolidation models, data models and control models.
Reporting Officer
We can help you create dynamic reports at all levels of management with the right controls and data structure.
We can handle payroll administration, various payroll tasks, interim ad hoc assistance to the payroll department and help with reimbursements and payroll system implementation.
We can provide support to managers and specialists participating in project programmes, ensuring that there is the necessary time for your staff to lead and participate in projects.


Interim comes from Latin and means temporary or provisional.

Interim assistance means that your company hires a professional consultant for a limited period of time to solve a specific task or fill an acute vacancy in your organisation.

Interim management means that your organisation hires an interim manager for a temporary period, possibly until a permanent profile is found.

An interim manager is a temporary resource that brings the organisation safely through an urgent situation or a clearly defined planned task. The concept is optimal in times of extraordinary busyness or when a core employee leaves the organisation and a resource is needed to fulfil the role until a permanent solution is found. Interim Managers are leaders and specialists who work with the organisation and the existing team to find an effective solution. They are highly skilled and experienced people, often senior professionals who have successfully solved similar challenges.

Interim resources are effective as they are objective and result-orientated specialists who are not bound by internal social relationships and hierarchy, but can concentrate on the task at hand for the given period.

In Denmark, the average interim hire is around 7 months, while the European average is around 10.5 months.

Are you in need of professional resources at short notice, or are you looking for specific competencies?

Please schedule a meeting with Lisbeth Frederiksen as soon as possible. We are eager to learn about your needs and propose the next steps towards fulfilling your business requirements.