Cookie Policy

Here you can read KPMG’s policy for the use of cookies when visiting By visiting this website, you accept the policy on cookies below.

What is a cookie?

A cookie is a small data file that is stored on your computer, tablet or mobile phone. A cookie is not a program and can’t contain any harmful programs or viruses. 

How the homepage uses cookies:

Cookies will typically be placed on your computer or internet-enabled device whenever you visit us online. This allows the site to remember your computer or device and serve a number of purposes. When you visit a KPMG homepage, we may collect information from your browser primarily through the use of cookies. This information may pertain to you, your preferences, or your device and is typically used to ensure the proper functioning of the homepage. While this information generally doesn't identify you directly, it enhances your homepage experience, e.g.  through a more personalized homepage visit. As we respect your right to privacy, you have the option to manage certain cookie preferences.

Types of cookies used at KPMG websites:

Strictly necessary cookies (always active)
These cookies are essential for the homepage to function correctly. As they are needed to ensure proper functionality, they are always activated and cannot be deselected or blocked.

Performance cookies
These cookies allow us to analyse the use of the homepage so that we can monitor how it is used and improve the functionality. Performance cookies help us to discover how often you visit the homepage and when in addition to how long your visit to the homepage is and how well it works while you are visiting.

Functional cookies
Functional cookies are used to remember customer selections that change the way the site behaves or looks. You may opt-out of these cookies, but it will impact your experience on the website, and you may need to repeat certain selections each time you visit.

Targeting cookies
Targeting cookies are used to deliver content relevant to your interests They are also used to limit the number of times you see certain marketing materials, as well as help measure the effectiveness of those marketing materials. If you do not provide consent for targeting cookies, your computer or internet-enabled device will not be tracked for marketing-related activities.

You can view and manage the current cookies in the cookie pop-up on specific KPMG websites. This is where you can activate or deactivate different types of cookies according to your preferences.

For how long are cookies stored?

The duration for which cookies are stored varies, determined by your latest visit to the homepage. Cookies automatically expire and get deleted once their calculated lifetime ends, with a maximum storage period of one year. You can check the lifespan of all our cookies in the homepage's cookie settings. 

How to reject or delete cookies
To reject or delete cookies, adjust your browser settings on your computer, tablet, or phone. The location of these settings varies by browser type. Additionally, you can manage cookie preferences on KPMG websites through the cookie settings. Keep in mind that rejecting all cookies or third-party cookies may limit your access to certain functions and services on the homepage, as they rely on the use of these cookies.

How does one delete cookies?

You can easily delete cookies previously accepted. The specific steps depend on your browser (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, etc.) and your device (mobile phone, tablet, PC, Mac).

Cookies can usually be deleted by accessing settings and navigating to the security and privacy tab, though the steps may vary by browser.

For specific instructions, the Danish Business Authority has provided guides on deleting cookies in various browsers. Visit their site for detailed information on how to delete cookies - click here.

Changing your consent
To modify your consent, you can either delete cookies from your browser or adjust your initial selection by rejecting cookies in the website's cookie settings.

Remember: If you are using multiple browsers, you need to delete cookies in all of them.