Guided by the long view

The world is constantly changing, requiring family-owned businesses to adjust accordingly to ensure long-term stability. As with your family, your business doesn’t stand still — it evolves. We are experienced in acting as advisors regardless of whether you are seeking to expand or are about to relinquish control to the next generation.

To support the unique needs of family businesses, KPMG Private Enterprise has created a global network dedicated to offering relevant information and advice to family-owned companies. We understand that the nature of a family business is inherently different from a nonfamily business and requires an approach that considers the family component.

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Mergers and acquisitions

  • Mergers and acquisitions can be an effective approach to grow inorganically or obtain differentiated business potential. However, it can be challenging to structure the potential gains and risks arising from an acquisition if you only have infrequent M&A opportunities.
  • We can assist you with quantifying the potential synergies and threats arising from a transaction by rendering impartial advisory services throughout all the stages of a transaction, from strategy development and goal identification to implementation. We are also able to help by assessing different sources of financing and defining the portfolio of loans fostering the financial latitude required for realising your growth plans.

Succession process

  • As the owner/manager of the business, you want to make the right decisions both for your business and your immediate family. Accordingly, you need to do your planning well ahead of a potential handover to ensure an uncomplicated transition. By actively participating in decision processes and preparing a strong timeline, you can avoid conflict and foster the internal and external support and acceptance required for your successor to succeed.
  • KPMG may assist you in handling the topics accompanying a succession process and render confidential advisory services regarding the possible implications of the decisions made by your family. When time comes, we can also help your successor fulfil their new role.
  • To book a meeting or in case of any questions concerning how we can serve your business, please contact Klaus in Copenhagen, Mikkel in Aarhus, Nikolaj in Fredericia or Steffen in Aalborg. 

Business sale

  • You may find it hard to make the decision to sell your business as you have put your heart and soul into building it, and you should be compensated appropriately for that fact. However, realising the value of your business and finding appropriate acquirers takes preparation.
  • KPMG understands the challenges arising from a business sale and will help you reach your best outcome. We can assist you with determining your expectations as well as identifying and prioritising possible acquirers. Our consultants may also help you with all acquisition preparations, assessing relevant bids, handling due diligence procedures, and monitoring the transaction itself.

Tax advisory

  • For all aspects concerning corporate tax planning, inheritance tax and transfer pricing, please reach out to our tax practice directly, then they will meet your needs at the first possible occasion. 

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