In KPMG Reporting & Accounting Advisory we bring unique knowledge and competencies together to offer valuable solutions that fully strengthen a company’s position in a global competition for resources.

In our department you will meet highly qualified experts within:

  • Financial Reporting and analysis,
  • ESG reporting, 
  • Technical Accounting (IFRS, US GAAP),
  • Capital Markets and IPOs,
  • Investor Relations and,
  • Reporting Processes and Controls. 

We bring competencies together to offer cutting through value adding services. 

In all its simplicity, our services are centered around a single uniform principle: to ensure that reliable financial and non-financial information is communicated timely and effectively to the right stakeholders, in a way that emphasise the equity story in the company to attract resources, while compliance is ensured with all regulatory requirements and frameworks.

We divide our services into three areas: