In Financial Reporting and Accounting you meet our consultants specialised in the complex and technical financial reporting frameworks, such as IFRS and the Danish Financial Statements Act (Årsregnskabsloven), but also in the entire reporting processes, from data capture, over consolidation and controlling till the final reports.

We advise and support you in all aspects of financial reporting and accounting and no project is too small or large.

Examples of projects include:

Accounting for transactions, including purchase price allocations

Support on specific accounting topics, e.g. revenue recognition, leases, financial instruments, etc.

NWC improvement projects

Outsourcing of technical accounting areas

GAAP analysis and impact studies, e.g. an impact analysis from implementing IFRS 16 for leases


Fast closing projects where we reduce time and errors in the reporting process

Accounting memos and models, e.g. a memo and model related to the treatment of a newly launched management incentive program

Conversions, e.g. an IFRS conversion

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