It is critical to respond quickly and efficiently to alleged or suspected fraud, embezzlement, corruption, abuse, or other irregularities such as violation of laws, regulations, or internal guidelines to estimate or mitigate the losses that may have resulted from the suspicious circumstances. In addition, there may be a need to identify and secure lost funds and take steps against potential perpetrators.

A timely and in-depth investigation of the facts of the case is an important tool in preventing reputational damage in the eyes of the public, business partners, employees, and clients, as well as in securing the continued integrity of management.

KPMG Assurance Services works in close collaboration with our clients to understand the subject matter and purpose of the investigation. We coordinate our approach with the client and work discretely with respect to the effective time factor. Through detailed analyses and investigations, including the application of leading data analysis tools and techniques, our highly qualified experts provide our clients with unbiased means to establish and explain the facts of the case, evaluate implications, and identify appropriate remedial measures.

We are also happy to assist with further developments involving authorities, police, insurance companies, or court of law.