The stakes are often high in commercial disputes. We help our clients provide qualified and convincing arguments on the financial and accounting aspects of their case.

KPMG Assurance Services has extensive experience in assisting businesses in connection with all types of legal and arbitration cases as well as other disputes.

Our team can help with:

  • Statements of loss in relation to action for damages and calculation of potential effects from loss-making actions, including statements of operating loss and additional costs
  • Validation, review and set-up of physical and electronic evidence
  • Analyses of complex transactions, cash flow, and bookkeeping
  • Data analysis and identification of patterns to substantiate a certain argument

We assist businesses before, during and after entering into a contract, and subsequently, we help implement, ensure, and document correct and lawful compliance with the terms of contracts and agreements.

We apply the newest and most advanced technology in our work, which enables us to incorporate large quantities of data in our analyses and generate a strong reliability to support the results of our investigation. To the extent necessary, we involve IT auditors and other experts to establish and explain the technical aspects of our investigation.