Mergers and acquisitions
Mergers and acquisitions can be an effective approach to generate growth or obtain differentiated business potential. However, it can be a challenging process to comprehend the potential and risks arising from an acquisition. How can you best analyse whether your contemplated transaction will bring about the desired outcome?

Our consultants can assist you with pinpointing the potential and threats arising from a transaction by rendering impartial advisory services throughout all the stages of a transaction; from strategy development and goal identification to implementation. We are also able to help you with assessing different sources of financing and defining the portfolio of loans fostering the financial latitude required for realising your growth plans.

Business sale
You may find it hard to make the decision to sell your business as you have put much effort and soul into it and would like to get the price for it which you deserve and which it is worth. However, realising the value of the business can be challenging; for how can you make your organisation an attractive sales object and find the right buyer?

KPMG understands the importance and challenges arising from a business sale and can thereby help you derive the best outcome of the process. We can help you to determine your expectations as well as identify and prioritise possible buyers. Our consultants can also help you ensure that your business is ready for sale, assess relevant bids, deal with due diligence procedures and monitor the transaction itself.

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