Regulatory demands are growing. The need for businesses, organisations and executives to make decisions on an informed basis increases, just as communities’ demands for accountability and transparency are rising.

KPMG Assurance Services assists when businesses and organisations need verification of information of both a financial and non-financial character from an independent and entrusted third party.

We provide independent and objective reliability to the basis for decision-making, dataset algorithms, and business processes, as well as to information that is to be made public, reported or exchanged with various authorities or business partners.

KPMG Assurance Services has a targeted approach to areas that can be difficult to quantify or measure. We can help establish certainty in areas of insecurity.

KPMG Assurance Services comprises accountants, legal advisers, and other specialists. If KPMG is already your auditor, we can contribute with a further layer of insight into your business in addition to our existing knowledge of your business.

Due to technical insight and comprehensive industry experience KPMG Assurance Services is able to quickly gain the required knowledge of your business in order to assist in generating value and confidence.

The KPMG Assurance Services Team performs a variety of assignments and services. KPMG Assurance Services can for instance assist you with:

  • GDPR declarations, IT security declarations, revenue declarations, contract compliance, reports pursuant to the Danish Companies Act, etc.
  • Forensic investigations to uncover, clarify, prevent, and take precautionary measures against fraud and misconduct
  • Optimisation of processes and internal controls
  • Compliance
  • Expert appraisals
  • Internal audit
  • Reconstruction
  • Restructuring
  • Models and algorithms
  • Prospects
  • Sustainability Services