The value of a contract often dependens on a fair and objective assessment of the parties' obligations. KPMG establishes reliability and confidence in the statements of supplied services and consideration before, during and after entering into a contract as well as in the duration of the contract.

KPMG Assurance Services is a leader in contractual compliance in Denmark.

We assist either as an independent third party or as a representative for a contracting party.

Our services include:

  • Earn-out agreements: valuation and measurement of the value of earn-out agreements based on agreed parameters or objective financial conditions
  • Supplier agreements: assistance in connection with ensuring the correct statement of earnings and supplied goods and services
  • Agreements on supply of goods and services: assessment of a correct and timely delivery of goods in concordance with what is agreed and invoiced
  • Intellectual property (IP) and licence agreements: assistance in determining and subsequently measuring the value of agreed intellectual property interest, e.g. in relation to franchise, royalty, and sponsor agreements. We help clients evaluate and optimise processes for IP management through different stages of an IP life cycle