In ESG reporting our people are experts in navigating the complex and changing landscape of regulation, rules and best practices in ESG reporting, and whether you need advise or support on a strategic perspective or a specific regulation, our consultants can advise and support.

Our consultants in ESG reporting have a technical background as the foundation for specialising in ESG reporting, as auditors, financial reporting specialists or analysts.

In many cases ESG reporting includes investor relation to some extent to maximise the value, whether it is a matter of a materiality assessment or communicating the taxonomy alignment.

We work with the largest Danish groups who needs support on complex areas within the various frameworks, but we also assist smaller companies in getting started or to establish a first baseline on emissions.

Moreover,  the Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD) introduces a greater need for deeper insight into companies’ value chains. Our experts can assist you, so your company can get an understanding of what is hiding in your value chain. You can read more about what this entails in this article.


Examples of projects include:

Advising and support on new frameworks and regulation, e.g., CSRD, EU taxonomy, SFDR, TCFD, SASB, GRI, etc.

Taxonomy eligibility and alignment screening

Perform GAAP analysis, e.g. on CSRD to clarify deviations and action plan prior to implementing new regulation

ESG rating agency strategy, assessment and support

ESG strategies and reporting strategies on how to report and which frameworks to follow

Emissions reporting, e.g. in accordance with the GHG protocol

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