A comprehensive service offering

Whether your business is established and has ambitions for future growth or just recently was incorporated, our dedicated start-up team stands ready for an informal meeting, where we outline how we can help you achieve your goals and get started. 

Our service offering covers all stages of company growth, from the early initial steps right up to maturity or a potential exit. We cover everything from advising on the right corporate structure, tax-related considerations, soft funding, and possible use of the Danish Tax credit scheme, among others. Today, we serve several hundred start-ups and offer very attractive fees, as we invest in the future of our business relationships., and because we have a passion for sharing our experience and specialization with as many Danish start-ups as possible. We specialise in serving start-ups within technology primarily, but we have no formal industry restrictions. below you may browse some of the services that we provide to growth companies and start-ups especially.

Strategic growth analysis (KPMG Growth Readiness Index)

  • KPMG's international network has developed a digital tool to measure companies' growth readiness and opportunities. We offer to carry out the strategic assessment and subsequently go through the results with you in a meeting and discuss how we can assist you with achieving growth. The meeting and assessment are free of charge, no matter whether you are a client of KPMG or not. 
  • To book a Growth Readiness Assessment and a follow-up meeting with our growth experts, please contact one of our experts below. 

Advisory services

  • To ensure that your operations function smoothly, we provide a range of services related to business planning and strategy, strategic alliances, and international expansion. Our KPMG private enterprise advisors stand ready to support you where it is needed, helping you turn your vision into reality. 
  • Please contact one of our advisors directly, to learn more about our range of services. 

Corporate and personal tax

  • KPMG Private Enterprise advisers can work with you to assess the tax rules and tax issues that affect, or may affect, your corporate, personal and family taxes, so that you can better manage your overall tax burden while remaining compliant with all tax laws. 
  • Please reach out directly to KPMG Acor Tax, for any tax considerations. 

Going public

  • Taking your company public brings prestige and higher visibility in the market. At the same time, going public introduces new risks, including complex accounting and reporting requirements and the need to manage new stakeholders. To get the most of your IPO, you need to be well informed and well prepared. KPMG Private Enterprise advisers can work with you to decide whether going public is the right choice for your business given your current circumstances. 

We provide you with valuable insights

We aspire to provide your business with valuable insights concerning financial topics and tax regulation from the very beginning. To book a free and informal meeting with our start-up team, please send an e-mail to Startup-Denmark@kpmg.com. We would very much like to hear more about your company and idea. You may also contact our professionals directly, as we are always interested in hearing how we can help you directly. 

Contact our experts to learn more

For assistance in Eastern Danmark, please contact Simon Vinberg Andersen. For Western Denmark contact Katrine Gybel, who is based in our Aarhus office.