The KPMG NGO Team consists of dedicated employees with a focus on NGOs, especially those with funding from Danida and similar international actors or governments and primarily for development assistance or emergency aid.

NGOs working in development aid and emergency relief are currently experiencing greater complexity and expectations in the demands of their donors. In order to provide audits of sufficient quality and efficiency that support these needs and rising expectations, KPMG has a specialized team to serve NGOs with audit and advisory services. The team performs assignments for various NGOs and has extensive experience with, among other things, guidelines for strategic cooperation agreements with Danida and other Danish and international donors.

”We are passionate about serving the NGOs that struggle every day to help the world's most vulnerable and poor. We want to help NGOs with the difficult challenges of ensuring that aid and assistance has the greatest possible impact.”

KPMG IDAS: International Development Assistance Services

Internationally, KPMG also has a dedicated practice, KPMG IDAS, which works with clients to address challenges facing the global development community. This includes working with NGOs, philanthropic foundations, development partnerships, multilateral development banks and other international entities on a variety of projects. The projects fall into four categories: SDGs and Development Impact, Strategy and Policy Implementation, Governance, and Organizational Design and Innovative Finance Consulting.