With the evolution of the company and its surroundings, a need may arise to adjust the business model or the structures of ownership, management, or company.

The KPMG Assurance Services Team has all the necessary competencies and is ready to assist with advising, presenting the relevant models, and helping ensure that the transformation is heading in the right direction.

In addition, KPMG Assurance Services can assist with reports and advisory services regarding all types of transactions pursuant to company law, including:

  • Foundation of a company by contribution of existing personally owned business or by contribution of assets (non-cash contribution)
  • Set-up of holding structure by exchange of shares
  • Capital increase in case of new investors or by contribution of funds or shares
  • Capital reductions and distribution of dividend, e.g. if a shareholder wishes to exit the company, or by distribution of non-cash values to the shareholders
  • Mergers
  • Demergers, e.g. in connection with disposal of portions of the company, succession, or other operational reasons
  • Conversions or re-registrations, e.g. from an entrepreneurial company (IVS) to a private limited company (ApS), or conversions to a limited liability company (A/S) or limited liability partnership (P/S)
  • Liquidation
  • Auditor's report on resumption in the case of compulsory dissolution