Are you on top of your business' internal controls and processes?

If you want to mitigate the most material risks in an organisation, it is key to have an appropriate level of internal controls.

As businesses and organisations develop, undergo transformations, and change their business processes, it is important to maintain focus on how existing controls are affected. The same applies to new financial and operational risks and compliance risks.

The control environment must be able to counter the most material risks, while ensuring that efficient business processes are in place.

KPMG Assurance Services has extensive experience in documenting business processes in order to identify and clarify both areas and processes with appropriate internal controls already in place, as well as areas and processes for which the level of internal controls should be enhanced. We offer specific recommendations to the appropriate controls.

KPMG can help you with:

  • Identification and review of controls relating to compliance with SOX (Sarbanes-Oxley Act), EuroSox and JSox
  • Identification and assessment of material risks
  • Training and education of the business' employees in risks and internal controls
  • Independent review and assessment of the existing control environment
  • Assistance in establishing an efficient control environment
  • Assistance in establishing efficient internal controls
  • Improved efficiency of controls for the purpose of faster monthly closure