The traditional way of learning is not always easy enough to support companies or individuals in keeping up with the market, not to mention the extra challenges that emerge from the complex nature of tax matters and regulations. To empower our clients with the latest finance and taxation information, KPMG Tax has established a tax learning and development centre providing both offline and online training services as well as a knowledge sharing platform that covers a wide spectrum of tax and finance topics across all major sectors.

Our services include

Offline Training Service

KPMG Select Tax Courses is the tailored in-house training series held in major cities in China. Small, focused classes aim to create a learning environment for in-depth communication between speakers and the audience. All training series are expertly designed to transmit the strong technical knowledge and industry specific business understanding of KPMG professionals.

KPMG Tax Camp is focused on special finance and tax topics, designed by specialists in those areas with years of knowledge and experience. KPMG Tax Camp will provide you with in-depth insights and a multi-angle view on each topic, putting you way ahead of your peers.

  • Up-to-the-minute
    In the context of China's fast changing business and regulatory environment, the training courses closely follow the latest tax policies and hot issues in the market, enabling our clients to fully comprehend and precisely apply updated regulations in a timely manner.
  • Customised
    Our tax specialists will work with you to analyse complex issues, and will integrate financial expertise to maximize your knowledge development. With our combined tax expertise, business insights and innovative ideas, we will meet your professional needs in tax and finance areas and support you and your company to reach your business goals.

Online Training Service

The WeChat-based mini-program, the online platform of the KPMG Tax knowledge sharing centre, enables viewers to access the latest tax information and insights as well as using fragmented time to learn tax courses anytime and anywhere on your mobile.

The mini-app consists of two major components:

  • Online Course
    KPMG tax experts conduct special training in various tax related topics, sharing insights gained from their work experience.
  • KPMG Opinions
    KPMG Opinions is a collection of various KPMG tax publications and the latest rules and regulations, giving viewers a quick in-take of interpretations by industry experts.