Our family office consulting team advises families of exceptional financial success by providing customised advice and solutions to assist them to build, operate and develop their family offices. 

The family office is an important tool to oversee and grow assets, as well as plan for the successful wealth transition to future generations.

Our team has extensive experience and knowledge on topics that are critical for families to create legacies that last for generations to come.

How can we help

Establish a single family office

Every single-family office is unique.  Setting up your own single-family office requires thorough planning and involves dealing with very broad topics such as legal and tax structures, operating model, personnel, risk management, governance, IT, etc.

We can guide you to tackle these issues and work with you from planning to execution to accomplish your goals.

Professionalise a family office

Family offices need to evolve and modernise over time to meet the continually evolving needs of the family. 

We can help you discover, evaluate and rationalise what can and should be transformed in your family office. 

We will develop an execution plan and to assist you in executing it seamlessly.

Family wealth strategy

Preparing a multi-generational transfer of wealth involves many considerations such as preserving and growing the family wealth, promoting the family unity, nurturing future generations and family enterprise leaders, and transferring wealth through a proper tax and legal structure.

We help our clients navigate these challenges and opportunities by developing long-term family wealth transition plans and structures.

Family office compensation benchmarking

Having the right professional team in place is one of the most important success factors in running a family office.

We have done extensive research and have experience assisting family offices to determine the most suitable team structure, compensation and performance benchmarking. 

Please refer to our Family Office Compensation Benchmarking report here.

Governance, Reporting and IT

The topic of governance is often overlooked in running a family office. Having robust governance, reporting and IT systems will help better manage risks such as cyber security, liquidity management, etc. 

Our experts can advise you on best practices and appropriate risk mitigating measures.