Over the years, Family Offices have matured from small and intimate entities managing the wealth of individuals and their families, to becoming institutionalized machines equipped with exceptional professionals to match.

The unique and personalized nature of each Family Office can make it challenging to access benchmark remuneration data. Family Offices require a distinct skillset, incomparable to other working environments, and many professionals that Family Offices search for, have backgrounds in the very benchmarked environment of professional services and investment banking. These professionals are accustomed to a consistent and familiar compensation structure.

The Global Family Office Compensation Benchmark Report developed in collaboration with Agreus Group features quantitative and qualitative insights into Family Office composition and compensation structures and provides much sought after benchmark data.

The report features qualitative data gathered from 625 Single Family Office professionals across the world ranging from personal assistants to CEO’s to Chairpersons as well as 25 interviews from Family Office leaders. This is referenced against primary data collected by Agreus Group over a 13-year period, including insights from 1,500 Family Offices globally. The report is one of the world’s largest data sets on Family Office Compensation.

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