Today’s unprecedented circumstances require companies to rethink the way they do business.  For many, this includes taking a closer look at how they manage their statutory compliance obligations globally to address the ever-increasing burden on tax functions. Other businesses will be forced to rethink their global value chains to maximise efficiency and profits. In an increasingly complex business environment, the list of unknowns businesses face can be overwhelming. It is crucial for businesses to stay ahead of the game and this is where KPMG can help you. 

At KPMG, we lead the way in tax technical excellence, quality and integrity. With our in-depth knowledge of Hong Kong SAR tax law and unmatched industry knowledge, we adopt an integrated and holistic approach to problem solving.  We help you innovate and navigate through a changing environment while empowering you to make informed decisions to nurture and grow your business. 

How we can help you

Drawing on our in-depth tax technical knowledge and deep understanding of industry practices, we can help you manage your tax obligations and identify ways to reduce your tax charges. Deploying the latest tools and new technology, we can help you manage your tax risks and obligations efficiently and seamlessly – domestically and globally. We listen and work closely with you to understand the issues and develop strategies aligned with your tax vision and objectives.

We are dedicated to enabling the success of your tax future no matter what stage your business is at.  We offer a wide range of fully integrated services covering a broad range of industries with particular expertise in:

Tax compliance services

Compliance with local tax and accounting rules is crucial in the current environment. At KPMG we have combined our technology, transformation and compliance capabilities under a new holistic framework – Tax Reimagined. We work alongside our clients to develop a strategy for their tax function to meet their tax obligations efficiently and effectively – to reduce costs, mitigate risks, improve quality and drive strategic value across the organisation. 

The KPMG Digital Gateway brings you a wealth of tools to help you tackle regulatory change, turn data into value, and streamline compliance and planning, while enabling effective collaboration across tax, legal and finance departments and beyond. We transform the way compliance is managed.

Tax policy advisory

Taxpayers are increasingly faced with pressure to justify their tax positions which has led to a surge in tax disputes both locally and globally.  We help clients manage and resolve local and multi-jurisdictional tax disputes and develop appropriate strategies to mitigate future disputes.

Transfer pricing

Transfer pricing has become one of the most scrutinized area by tax authorities locally and globally. Under this environment, it is important for companies to implement robust transfer pricing policies to withstand challenges from tax authorities while meeting the group’s objectives and regulatory requirements. Our team of transfer pricing specialists are well positioned to assist clients develop robust transfer pricing policies, restructure supply chains, perform risk assessments as well as preparing the necessary transfer pricing and country-by-country reporting requirements.

Fund set up assistance

The New Funds Exemption in Hong Kong provides a generous tax exemption regime for funds based in and outside Hong Kong. Our tax professionals help formulate effective strategies for optimizing taxes, implement innovative tax planning and effectively maintaining compliance. We guide clients through the full spectrum of fund tax issues, tax effects of trading strategies and private offering memorandum language. Our focus is on exceptional guidance, both during start-up and throughout ongoing operations.

R&D tax

The fight for intellectual property has resulted in many governments granting generous tax concessions and tax incentives. We assist in assessing whether companies may qualify and benefit from the R&D super-deductions in Hong Kong and whether companies with existing incentives are compliant with and eligible for tax incentives. 

Mergers and acquisitions

As M&A activities become part of mainstream business, we help clients navigate through complex cross-border transactions.  We understand the practical impacts of tax developments in local jurisdictions and help clients navigate through the deal process while avoiding potential pitfalls.

International tax planning

The implementation of the OECD’s BEPS initiatives and increasing focus on tax transparency have led to significant changes to local laws and regulations. As a result of the OECD’s ‘BEPS 2.0’ initiative, organisations will be contending with even more tax uncertainty in the coming years. It is critical for organisations to understand how BEPS 2.0 will affect them.

The KPMG BEPS 2.0 Model is built on the KPMG Digital Gateway and enables you to quickly assess the likely impact and the degree of focus you need to respond effectively to the challenges the BEPS proposals may bring. We can help you identify potential impacts and possible responses, develop communications plans, and help empower you to support your organisation’s current and future actions.

Supply chain management services

Disruption is the new norm and globalisation is changing the way companies do business.  Business transformation is a complex process and the implications spans beyond tax. Drawing on a wealth of insight, technology and experience, we can add value to your supply chain transformation journey. We help our clients develop tax-effective structures and strategies while unlocking existing value within the organisation and enhancing their capabilities to maximise their profits and supply chain efficiency.