Financial reporting plays an essential role in explaining past performance. However, it cannot provide a complete picture of business value on its own. There is growing recognition that the range of issues and opportunities affecting long-term business value is much broader than what is reflected in a set of current year financial measures.

Increasingly, there is a 'hard' economic and commercial edge to the social and environmental issues faced by all organisations and governments.  Sustainability is moving from being primarily about corporate responsibility to a process that can create long-term economic value.

These developments are reshaping business opportunities and risks and have the potential to significantly impact financial performance and long-term business success. Our sustainability professionals work with organisations to respond to environmental and social issues in order to manage risk, create value and achieve a competitive advantage.

Five ways KPMG helps you achieve your sustainability goals

Whether your organisation is just beginning its sustainability journey or expanding its current ESG initiatives, we have the knowledge and capabilities to support you. Here are some of the ways we can help:

Five ways KPMG helps you achieve your sustainability goals

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