A brief introduction to the principles and key milestones behind Better Business Reporting

The ESG and Sustainability agenda has never been more important. As we begin to emerge from the Covid-19 pandemic and move toward a new reality, we will all be looking for ways to build a better, more sustainable future.

On the regulatory front, we are seeing more stringent ESG disclosure requirements for listed companies following the release of the revised ESG reporting guide by the Hong Kong Stock Exchange (HKEX) last December, which is effective for financial years commencing on or after 1 July 2020. The amendments represent a shift away from “reporting” to “management”, with an emphasis on the role of the board in the governance structure for ESG matters.

The journey to Better Business Reporting

It is essential for business leaders to adopt a proactive approach to holistically integrate ESG into their business. Better Business Reporting can help companies to shift from a compliance-based approach to centre business reporting around strategy, effective use of key resources and relationships, and the creation of long-term sustainable value.

How we can help

KPMG can provide bespoke services to help clients plan and implement a practical approach to build proactive ESG governance and gain stakeholder support via enhancing ESG disclosure. Our support covers the following areas:

  • Board/Executive Training – Inspire integrated thinking
  • Gap Analysis – Determine the way forward
  • Setting Corporate Reporting Strategy - Achieve a clear vision
  • Materiality Assessment – Seek stakeholder buy-in
  • Understanding Value Creation Process – Better capital allocation
  • Corporate Reporting Blueprint Development – Draft corporate reporting
  • Confidence & Assurance of Information – Strengthen credibility
  • Implementing Corporate Reporting Management System - Improve data/information quality

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