Protecting your family wealth and establishing a lasting legacy requires a multi-disciplined approach, which often involves legal, tax, wealth structuring and family governance. Our multi-disciplinary team can help you design a tailor-made succession and asset protection plan to help you achieve your long-term goals.

How can we help

Wealth planning

Various tools and strategies can be considered for wealth transfer.  It is crucial to develop a plan that is suitable and tailor made for your family. We can help you develop and execute a sustainable wealth transfer plan.


Choosing the suitable trust structure and trustee can be challenging and time consuming.  We have extensive experience on trust set up and operations. We can advise and work closely with you on the entire trust set up process and to ensure all your wishes and goals are incorporated.

Tax, estate and probate

Our legal and tax team can advise you on the most appropriate solutions for estate, probate, documentation and reporting compliance across multiple jurisdictions.

Complex situations

Dispute resolution and litigation requires expert advice. Our multi-disciplinary team of specialists can cover many different aspects of a dispute, such as legal, insolvency, liquidation, valuation, disposal of assets, and more.

Incapacity planning

Incapacity planning requires taking precautionary measures against permanent or temporary incapacity. Our professional team can help you establish an appropriate financial and wealth management plan and related documentation.


We can help you establish your philanthropic strategy to ensure maximising impact while minimising negative outcomes.

We advise you on how to integrate your philanthropy goals into the overall wealth planning.