KPMG’s Risk Consulting services group is built on addressing clients’ urgent strategic and operational challenges in today’s environment. The practice focuses on key risk areas relating to accounting and reporting, finance and treasury, and regulatory compliance and controls.

Accounting Advisory Services

Our Accounting Advisory professionals hold various active CPA certifications, including from China, the US and Japan,  etc, and are familiar with US GAAP, IFRS, and PRC GAAP. They combine accounting technical knowledge with practical skills gained from positions in external and internal audit, financial accounting, planning and analysis, business operation and management, tax and consulting, in providing customised solutions to address client’s accounting and financial reporting challenges. 

The Accounting Advisory professionals are committed to providing accounting advisory services for clients throughout their life cycle. Their customised service solutions include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Deal related accounting advisory – For transactions such as mergers and acquisition, joint venture, restructure and spin-off, providing professional accounting advice related to setting up optimal transaction structure and terms; establishing reliable     opening balance of the target company; post-deal financial integration including accounting policy and practice alignment; and professional opinions on related accounting topics. 
  • Financial reporting accounting advisory – Assist clients with financial reporting challenges, including day-to-day accounting and financial reporting questions; preparing standalone or consolidated financial statements and footnotes under applicable reporting framework; multi-GAAP comparisons and conversions; supporting clients in their external audit process by resolving issues most critical to the audits, etc.
  • Financial reporting enhancement – Assist clients to better align financial reporting with their business strategy and activities, including establishment or enhancement of accounting and financial reporting mechanisms, standardising processes and policies and facilitating digitalisation and ERP information systems, accounting health check and remediation, IPO readiness assessment and enhancement, technical training, staff secondment, and accounting advisory retainer services, etc.

Accounting Advisory Services
Our Accounting Advisory Services team provides customized “smart accounting” solutions to clients with the help of our diverse professional qualifications and experiences, multi-cultural backgrounds, dedication and client care.

Actuarial Services

KPMG has well-established and leading actuarial practices in Asia Pacific with more than 300 actuarial professionals to serve our clients’ emerging needs.  We provide actuarial advice to clients based in Hong Kong SAR and the Chinese Mainland, and elsewhere in the region. We advise our clients in a number of areas such as accounting and regulatory changes, risk and capital management, actuarial process modernisation, transactions and restructuring and product development. We are trusted partners to leading insurance companies in the region, and draw on our regional and global expertise to serve these companies. 

Actuarial Services
We provide insights to help our clients navigate today’s ever changing environment.

Financial Risk Management

We help our clients identify, quantify, monitor, control, report and mitigate financial risks they face. Financial institutions of in all kinds and sizes want comprehensive financial risk management (FRM) frameworks that satisfy demands from compliance and for business growth, contribute to better decision-making, enhance performance, and help maintain the enterprise’s good reputation. Our FRM professionals work with financial institutions and other corporates to achieve these objectives, Credit risk, liquidity risk, market risk, the risks of issuing or dealing in financial instruments, the risks inherent in treasury operations, Basel, and IFRS 9 implementation are just some of the financial issues we advise on.

Basel IV
Basel IV, or “finalisation of Basel III”, is an overhaul of banking capital requirements and one of the biggest regulatory reform brought by the BCBS.

Credit Risk Management
KPMG offers a comprehensive suite of services covering compliance, governance, quantitative models, validation, process improvement and other areas

Interest Rate Risk Management
Banks and other financial services firms need to consider the risks associated with fluctuating interest rates. We have expertise and insights to help our clients manage these risks.


KPMG Forensic is a global network comprising over 3,000 multidisciplinary professionals, with a variety of skills including accounting, investigation, intelligence, technology, economics and deep industry experiences.  With a global mindset and local experience, our Forensic practice in China leverages consistent global methodologies to help clients reduce fraud, achieve regulatory compliance and understand commercial ethics risks.

KPMG Forensic offers robust and practical advice to help our clients and their legal counsel deal with:

fraud, misconduct and corruption investigations
responding to cyber incidents and attacks
commercial disputes and international arbitrations
regulatory compliance (e.g. anti-bribery & corruption, anti-money laundering, anti-trust, financial crime & sanctions compliance)
seeking eDiscovery and Forensic technology support
managing risks on buying or selling a business
intellectual property and contract governance

Anti-money laundering and sanctions regulatory compliance
Regulated institutions need to keep abreast with the regulatory requirements and environment related to AML and sanctions compliance

Governance & Risk Compliance Services (GRCS)

Considering the complex business environment and the uncertainty of markets and operations, we help companies better anticipate and respond to risks. Based on a risk-based management philosophy, we help clients improve their corporate governance and operating models, define risk appetite, evaluate alternative strategies and business models, and strengthen compliance and monitoring systems for internal strategy and operational risk management. Our professional services team provides policy-driven business transformation planning, corporate governance and operating models, risk-oriented strategy and business and operational management, compliance, internal control and internal audit oversight, and digital risk control services, integrating risk, corporate governance, strategic management, performance excellence, crisis management, risk portfolio culture, and digitalization into an integrated management framework to assist companies in creating, maintaining, and realizing value in the creation, retention and realization of value, in conjunction with strategy development and execution, and in building the culture, capabilities and practices to manage uncertainty. Compliance, internal control and internal audit services support companies in complying with listing rules and other regulatory requirements, and assist them in improving performance and making clear decisions through systematic management system set-up and ongoing audit and monitoring evaluations.