KPMG Strategy & Operations offers a broad range of strategy services, covering planning to execution. We work with clients to define their ambition, develop and implement innovative strategies that embed the agility, sustainability, customer-centricity, and operational excellence needed to thrive in dynamic markets. 

Our world continues to undergo unprecedented changes, with new challenges emerging in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. Leaders must steer the course through industry-disrupting forces such as the rise of the empowered consumer, stakeholder demand for enhanced sustainability and transparency, digitisation, responding to the pressures of intensified regulation, and finding ways to operate more efficiently. This makes agile strategy more important than ever, as organisations must continually review and realign their financial, business, and operating models to reflect today’s dynamic markets, create opportunities, and respond to threats. 

KPMG Strategy & Operations can help organisations navigate industry disruption by working alongside them to develop and implement:

Growth Strategy

KPMG Strategy & Operations helps clients define and deliver their ambitions to drive step-change growth and achieve top-quartile performance. We work with clients to identify and implement growth platforms to seize growth opportunities that match their financial ambitions. 

Growth is a top agenda item for CEOs. Organisations are targeting aggressive growth strategies in response to structural shifts caused by new technologies, volatile market conditions, changing regulations, and evolving customer needs. However, many organisations lack the resources, capabilities and/or momentum to achieve and sustain their growth agenda. 

KPMG Strategy & Operations can help clients to:

  • Identify, quantify, and prioritise new and unmet revenue and profit pools
  • Design and test approaches to enter new markets and segments at pace
  • Design and test approaches to attract new customers and enhance loyalty
  • Design and execute internal change programmes to embed innovation culture and commercialisation to stand out in market

How we helped a leading biopharmaceutical client achieve double-digital annual growth on a new product

KPMG Strategy & Operations helped a leading local biopharmaceutical company define their go to market strategy for a new inhibitor that subsequently became the top product in China’s inhibitor market. 

As a late entrant to the inhibitor arena, the client’s product faced fierce competition from multinational and local rivals and urgently required strategic differentiation. KPMG worked closely with the client’s teams to explore the product’s features and value, and to gain a deep understanding of doctor and patient needs. As a result, KPMG delivered a go to market strategy and product positioning that enabled the client’s product to achieve double-digit annual growth.

Digital strategy

KPMG Strategy & Operations helps organisations put strategy before technology to consider the opportunities created by emerging technologies and evaluate their readiness to adapt to change. We work with clients to navigate and adapt to the challenges created by emerging technology.

The accelerated pace of technological change continues to transform the way businesses operate, and customers increasingly demand more and more personalised digital experiences. To survive in this ever-evolving environment, organisations may need to rethink the markets they operate in, the problems they are solving for their customers, their role in the value chain, and the efficacy of current operating models.

KPMG Strategy & Operations can help clients to:

  • Define their financial ambitions and vision to focus efforts and ensure strategic alignment on digital investment
  • Engage and facilitate collaboration between diverse client stakeholder groups to ensure ideas generated through sprints are feasible and robust
  • Use design thinking principles to rapidly prototype, test, and iterate ideas to help break fixed patterns of thinking and encourage innovation
  • Expose clients to innovators and start-ups to supplement our own experience and capabilities
  • Design and sequence a change programme to successfully deliver digital projects

How we helped a Hong-Kong listed Chinese regional bank to achieve quality growth through digital enablement and transformation

Clients face challenges in pursuing growth and customer acquisition due to increased competition from emerging fintechs and other large banks, and are seeking to improve their competitive position by developing digital capabilities.  

KPMG Strategy & Operations worked with the client to formulate a programme of 40 digital projects, covering customer management, marketing, risk management, and operations, and assisted the client to implement these projects through 18 months continuous PMO support.

Operating strategy & cost

KPMG Strategy & Operations helps organisations balance short-term cost improvements with long-term sustainable change. We work with clients align their operating model to their financial targets and strategic objectives.

In the face of ever-increasing customer expectations, rapid market and technology changes, increasing levels of regulation, and growing shareholder scrutiny on performance, business leaders are continually forced to re-evaluate their operational strategy and cost base.

KPMG Strategy & Operations can help clients to:

  • Design and test alternative operating models to identify the best solution for their business, balancing opportunity and risk
  • Identify, quantify, and prioritise efficiency opportunities that deliver cost reductions and free up funds for investment
  • Identify opportunities to leverage new technology and digital capabilities to embed agility and efficiency in current processes
  • Streamline and align processes, organisational structures, management information, decision rights and incentives

How we helped a leading regional hospital in Northern China to pilot and implement operational improvement initiatives that led to substantial enhancements in operating profits and improved patient experience

The client was a Grade A tertiary hospital that needed to improve their operational efficiency and service quality under the DRG payment reform. 

KPMG Strategy & Operations worked with the client to establish an operational management team, develop management tools, and conduct a pilot in the Department of Gynaecology and Obstetrics. 

In addition to achieving operational efficiencies in inpatient length of stay (8% for Gynaecology and 6% for Obstetrics) and outpatient growth (9% for Gynaecology and 10% for Obstetrics), the pilot enabled a 15 – 30% salary increase for department medical staff, and patients reported improved satisfaction and experience.

Transformation strategy

KPMG Strategy & Operations helps organisations disrupt themselves to achieve their ambitious transformation agendas. We work with clients to design, plan and implement multi-year programmes for strategic planning and capital allocation.

In today’s dynamic market, organisations must be ready to transform or risk irrelevance. Whether driven by external triggers, such as disruption impacting financial, business, and operating models, or internal motivations, such as building synergies within and between business units, successful transformation requires not only a sound strategy, but the ability to execute complex enterprise-wide change.

KPMG Strategy & Operations can help clients to:

  • Assess whether or not, and to what extent, transformation is required
  • Design strategies for enterprise-wide change and identify target operating models
  • Define the transformation roadmap and plan a multi-year transformation programme, including capital allocation
  • Support transformation implementation and provide PMO support

How we helped a global consumer health business transform their marketing approach to achieve incremental sales growth of 4%

The client was an Asia Pacific spin-off of a global consumer health business leader that was looking to accelerate its market penetration and grow its market share in prioritised Asia Pacific markets following spin-off. 

KPMG Strategy & Operations worked closely with the client’s teams across the region to refine their post-spin-off transformation strategy by incorporating market-based regulatory risks and impacts, creating BI dashboards to supply real-time marketing insights to inform precision marketing for up-sale initiatives, and empowering regional teams to own and drive the transformation.

Deal strategy

KPMG Strategy & Operations helps organisations understand, challenge, and realise the strategic fit and value of their M&A investment decisions. We work with clients pre-, during, and post-deal, providing strategic and financial advice and rigorous on-the-ground deal support. 

M&A can unlock rapid growth, accelerating companies’ access to new markets, sales and distribution channels, and capabilities, or by optimising infrastructure, operations, and costs. However, behind every big investment decision, there must be a strategy to make sure the decision is, in fact, the right one and will create long-term value.

KPMG Strategy & Operations can help clients to:

  • Identify and evaluate targets
  • Conduct M&A (buy- and sell-side) due diligence and synergy cases
  • Design JV and partnership strategies
  • Advise on refinancing, restructuring, exit strategies, divestments, and carve-outs
  • Provide IPO support
  • Plan and execute integrations/separations

How we helped a global private equity firm with the acquisition and integration of a premium infant formula business

The client was looking to acquire an infant formula business from a global consumer goods group in China. At the outset, the deal faced major challenges, including the complex, interconnected nature of the target and the seller group, fierce competition in the infant formula market, impacting target profitability, and integration risks arising from the anticipated drop in post-deal staffing levels. 

KPMG Strategy & Operations successfully facilitated the deal’s execution, despite a tight schedule, leading an integrated due diligence process and facilitating buy-side/sell-side communications, while designing the post-deal operational model and 100-day integration plan. 

After the deal closed, KPMG worked with the client to implement the integration plan, building a financial analysis system based on post-deal value tracking of M&A funds, improving the efficiency of channel management, and optimising internal controls.

Why choose us?

KPMG Strategy & Operations aims to offer consistent, high-quality service through:

  • trategy & Operations professionals based locally in the Chinese Mainland and Hong Kong SAR with deep industry expertise covering Financial Services, Government & Infrastructure, and Corporates, and cross-industry subject-matter-expertise in ESG
  • Access to KPMG’s knowledge base of market-leading insights and research into the complex business challenges faced by organisations locally and globally
  • Access to the resources of one of the world’s leading professional advisory organisations, with a global network with offices in over 143 countries, and over 2,400 strategy professionals
  • Offering clear, practical, and actionable advice and tailoring our services to the needs of individual organisations