Amid increasing integration and digitalisation around the globe, China's banking industry is evolving every day. We urgently need to achieve breakthroughs in the status quo while also assuming responsibility for the digital transformation of China’s market economy. At the same time, traditional financial institutions are exploring their roles and positions in the new financial ecosystem alongside the technology giants.

With KPMG’s extensive experience in the banking industry, we provide a full range of professional services covering audit, tax and advisory to high-value banking clients around the world. We are committed to providing our partners in the banking industry with strategic planning and services based on new service models, development strategies, technology reforms and risk control solutions. Through these efforts, we hope to help industry players defend against risks, while also helping them strike a balance between transformation and stability. In this way, they will be prepared to handle the opportunities and challenges brought by fintech, which is playing a crucial role in accelerating the digital transformation of the banking industry.