Recent years have seen the implementation of the all-sector Value Added Tax (VAT) reforms, the legislation for the Environmental Protection Tax and the Resource Tax, and the release of the consultation paper on the draft VAT and Consumption Tax Laws. These new indirect tax policies have brought benefits and opportunities for businesses in China. In parallel, enterprises would face tremendous challenges for their daily tax management due to increasing complexity and a degree of uncertainty.

Indirect tax is playing an increasingly significant role in China's tax system. This is made clear in hot topics such as the nationwide rollout of electronic VAT invoices, VAT collection in the era of the Digital Economy, and the leveraging of green taxes system to achieve carbon peaks and carbon-neutral goals. Enterprises in China need to adapt to the new tax environment changes and keep pace so to seize the opportunities.

KPMG’s indirect tax team has in-depth knowledge and a wide breadth of experience across all sectors. Our team leads the way in tax technical excellence, quality and integrity, and is well placed to provide enterprises with high-quality indirect tax services. In addition, our team is equipped with practical skills to navigate the best solutions for our clients.

We have been heavily engaged with policymakers and tax authorities at all levels across the country. Given this, we can share valuable and first-hand insights in a timely manner so that enterprises can anticipate changes and formulate strategies. In parallel, we can assist with effective communication between enterprises and tax authorities.

Our team specializes in indirect tax including VAT, Consumption Tax, Environmental Protection Tax, Resource Tax, etc. Our services mainly include:

Tax policy advisory services

Assist enterprises in dealing with tax disputes and policy representation to the tax authorities. 

Tax consulting services

Provide enterprises with in-depth analysis of specific indirect tax issues, ad-hoc indirect tax advisory services across a broad spectrum of issues for business daily operation, indirect tax planning services for significant transactions such as restructurings, mergers and acquisitions.

Tax compliance services

Provide global tax compliance outsourcing services to help enterprises achieve tax compliance goals with high quality and low cost.

Tax technology services

We can offer technology-based solutions to enterprises to deal with tax matters such as electronic VAT invoicing, indirect tax data analysis, and intelligent tax compliance.