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A company’s payroll function plays a sensitive and highly confidential administrative role. It also conducts a costly and time-consuming process. In today’s demanding business environment many companies, ranging from venture capital start-ups to multinational corporations, are choosing to outsource their payroll functions so they can concentrate on developing and growing their core business.

KPMG knows how important it is to ensure that your employees are paid on time every month. We also know the challenges associated with many aspects of running employee compensation and benefit programmes – tracking leave, making sure that contributions are made to the relevant mandatory provident funds, filing tax returns and being sure that all this is done in accordance with local employment laws and practices.

We provide flexible and tailored payroll solutions to companies of all sizes from across a wide range of sectors. Our solutions are based on proven technology that offers efficient results with the dual benefit of more flexibility for your employees and less administrative effort on your side, allowing you to focus on growing your business.

We also provide additional HR advisory services to help you shape and strengthen your compensation and benefit schemes to give you an edge in the increasingly competitive market for recruiting and retaining talent. With KPMG’s global network and KPMG’s integrated team of specialists, we can be locally focused or we can work as a team by pulling resources from across multiple countries to provide you with multi-location cross-border payroll solutions.

Our services include:

Payroll outsourcing services

  • Administering the payroll process, including the calculation and crediting of net remuneration to each employee’s bank account
  • Ensuring on time payment and providing employees with individual pay slips
  • Maintaining and updating employee annual leave entitlements
  • Preparing customised payroll reports
  • Arranging the enrolment of new employees in social security and housing funding schemes
  • Preparing social security and housing fund contribution and arranging settlement
  • Completing tax returns on behalf of employers for reporting to local tax authorities, including filings for new employee commencements, terminations and the annual reporting of remunerations and social securities

Payroll advisory services

  • Reviewing rental reimbursement claims to ensure compliance with company policies and tax requirements
  • Providing HR advisory services as required under the China Employment Ordinance and Mandatory Social Security Ordinance